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We are a Toronto-based online auction site, working all over the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our focus is on recycling and driving the need to reuse used and potentially disposable goods. Our business model is based on helping our buyers and sellers to save and make money respectively through recycle and reuse.


Our online auction focuses on six product sources:

ESTATE/HOUSEHOLD CONTENT: These are used household items that are reusable and are obtained from downsizing, estate clear-out, property sale, relocation, redecoration and sale of excess and/or unwanted personal items. The used household content can include furniture, electronics, tools, toys, books, fashion items, computer & accessories, decorations & arts, kitchenware, chinaware, large & small appliances etc.

BUSINESS CLOSEDOWN/CLOSEOUT: Organizations shutting down their operations ask us to auction off their corporate properties including furniture, fixtures and inventory. These items are normally located at the source and pick up will be at the source.

RETAIL INVENTORY: These are products from national and local retailers which include surplus and/or leftover inventories, consignment, insurance claims, store returns, store samples and seasonal change products.

PRODUCTS OF UNCLAIMED/UNDELIVERABLE FREIGHT:  These are mainly products from commercial freight items that have not claimed by the owner for a variety of reasons.

FUNDRAISERS: We partner with organizations and individual to fundraise and support a cause. Products from fundraising initiatives are also a source of product portfolio

COLLECTOR’S PORTFOLIO: We partner with collectors to auctions of their items. Collector’s items can be antique or vintage and they range from toys to artwork.

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