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    ▸ It’s easy as A-B-C

    ▸ Sign on or sign in

    ▸ To bid, you need to register a payment card. This is for the dual purpose of verifying you as a bonafide bidder and also for the safety of our auction.

    ▸ Auctions run weekly from Monday to Thursday, holiday withstanding.

    ▸ Review items on each auction. Read instructions carefully.

    ▸ Every bid is a contract. Absolutely, no reversal of bid. Ensure you are ready to buy before bidding.

    ▸ Respect the auction and your bid. Non-honour bidders are blocked from future auction

    ▸ The auction has a soft close. We extend bid close time by 3 minutes if anyone places a bid in the last minute.

    ▸ At the end of the auction, the bidder with the highest amount wins.

    ▸ Invoice is sent to you, payment is processed on account registered card and receipt sent to you by email

    ▸ Pick up is on Friday and Saturday, holiday withstanding.

    ▸ Do you need shipping? Easy…follow this process

      ⊙ Call or email us for shipping quote
      ⊙ Go online and make payment
      ⊙ Delivery is within 3 business day of shipping payment

    ▸ Again, it’s easy as A-B-C



    ▸ Contact us in the first instance

    ▸ Discussion and review

    ▸ Contract & Agreement

    ▸ Date scheduling

    ▸ Auction

    ▸ Payment


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