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These services include

  • Auction platform management
  • Shipping/delivery
  • Auction marketing
  • Auction cataloguing
  • Payment management
  • Product management

We provide our buyers and clients with key services to drive and deliver successful user-friendly auctions. These services include:

  1. Shipping & Handling: We know you are busy hence a shipping & handling service that is affordable and designed for quick delivery. Targeted towards the GTA for better rates, we can deliver all over Canada. The focus is on small size items (a new phone package) to medium size items (microwave). We also deliver large size items (single chair/washer) but on different shipping rates.
  2. Auction Cataloguing: To ensure our buyers are fully informed, we set up auction items into a clearly understandable catalogue. Each auction item is set up with information on name, size, colour, uses, retail price, defect and other applicable information. We spend considerable time on the auction cataloguing to ensure a satisfactory auction process
  3. Auction Items Management: We manage the product from our client’s source to our buyers. We ensure the product are in good working condition and if we have not tested the items, we will let our buyers know. We inspect all items in the cataloguing to ensure the safety of our bidders.
  4. Auction Marketing: We market each auction aggressively to our registered bidders. Our preferred marketing method is digital and we employ different digital marketing tools to ensure every auction is well publicized. We believe that the starting point in a competitive auction is to involve as many people as possible.
  5. Payment Management: We manage the payment process seamlessly. For our clients, they expect to get paid for their goods that we auction and we ensure that we surpass this expectation. We process payment on every won auction item through our 3rd party payment processor platform and aggregated payments are forwarded to our clients.

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