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Shipping & Handling


We provide a shipping service to our buyers in the Greater Toronto Area through 3rd party logistics companies. Shipping is normally for small size items although we can arrange shipping large items like furniture and appliances well. Shipping is pre-paid online once we send you a quote and delivery is within 3 business days


Awesome Auctions is about helping you save and make money. Buying from our online auction is easy and straight forward. We help you save money by giving you the wise option of reusable household goods and new items which you can buy at a percentage of retail store prices.

So…how does it work?


We source auction items from different creditable sources. Each auction is made up of a catalogue of items and runs for a period in which buyers can place a bid up to a maximum amount. Bid starts from a reserve price and bid increase is always by $1. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder wins and has 24 hours to pick up items or they lose their winning. All auction information including payment and pick-ups are listed in auction detail section, so it is important that you read and understand the information. All auction items have a soft close. This prevents or discourages last minute auction sniping as the items stay opens for an additional 2 minutes. This goes on until there are no more last minute snipe bids. Buyers can develop different approaches to the auction process, we recommend that ALL BIDDERS put in their maximum bid when placing a bid on our websites. This does not mean you must pay the amount you bid- you only pay one bid more than the next highest bid- and only up to your max bid. The software system will play out the bids as you would at a live auction and only uses the funds required to beat out the under bidder at the prescribed bid increase. You have the right as a bidder to use an strategy you deem fit.

To be a buyer on our site, you must be registered and have a payment option on file. This is because payment is taken automatically once bidding closes from the winning bidder. We also send you marketing materials to ensure you stay in touch with all our auction activities. We do not trade your personal information and all payment processing is done by 3rd party payment processing companies…so your information is safe and you stay protected. As you bid remember that there is 15% premium that you pay on top of the winning bid price plus applicable taxes.



Our clients are people that we auction their products and items. These include people who are downsizing, relocating, redecoration or simply selling off an estate content; national retailers, corporate organization, and community group fundraising initiative. Do you have unwanted estate content? We can help you make money from it. Are you an organization, retailer, business with excess, surplus or unwanted inventory? Let us help you turn them to revenue. Are you looking to fundraise for a cause? Talk to us about item auction initiative. We are a phone call or email away.

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